Japan Kang Bote COMPACT TOOLS pneumatic tools sole agent in China. Ningbo Import & Export Co., Ltd is a piling on the development, production and trade in one of the joint-stock company, owned the factory the actual area: 7300m2. The company has first-class production lines and factories the forefront of independent brands, the domestic and international customer base to provide quality products and excellent technical services. The company provides "CHOSEM" own brand of grinding and polishing products, exports to Southeast Asia, Europe, Australia, the United States and other countries, and Tools for overseas manufacturers to provide OEM. Meanwhile, piles on the Import and Export Co., Ltd. Ningbo Haishu, manufacturing and trading companies, self-polishing product marketing CHOSEM Chech..Read more
  • Mr. Yu: Dong Zhumei (Mr.)
    Tel: 0574-87117160,27709769
    Fax: 0574-27709227
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